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2018-2019 First Meeting of ISA PSG

Parents have an irreplaceable role in the growth of their children's learning. Similarly, in the concept of IB teaching, ISA International School of Guangzhou attaches great importance to the communication and interaction between parents and studen

ISA Italian Cuisine Day

This week (November 19th to 25th) is the third World Italian Food Week. ISA International School of Guangzhou held the Italian Cuisine Day on Monday (19th) in cooperation with the Italian Consulate General in Guangzhou. 本周(11月19日至25日)是第三届世界意大利美食

Teaching of Students' Personal Behaviour

ISA International School of Guangzhou adopts the IB concept and the British national curriculum. In addition to paying attention to the students' standard of learning, ISA also aims to promote high standards of personal behaviour. 广州爱莎国际学校采用IB理念

British Artist Paul's Trip in ISA

ISA International school Library is the hub of learning and it always provides students with space for inquiry and learning resources. We have a very good collection of books which is over 10 thousand books in 9 languages now. The volume of books h

ISA Autumn Fun Day

Autumn is the harvest season which was celebrated this year with an Autumn Fun Day on November 7th at ISA International School. The day consisted of activities that combined IB inquiry teaching with fun lessons and activities. 秋天是丰收的季节,广州爱莎国际学校结